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Client Ledger System™ Basic Features

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Financial Statements
CLS provides a wide array of standard and departmental reports, including current and prior-year-comparative Balance Sheets and Profit & Loss Statements and a budget-comparative P&L (using annual or period budgets). Standard and comparative reports are also available for the Cash Flow Statement (per FASB 95), Statement of Changes in Financial Position and Statement of Changes in Equity.

A unique feature of CLS is the ability to define a special format Profit and Loss Statement with columns selected from a list of 39 pre-defined column types. Columns may include current-period and year-to-date totals, prior-year history, budgets, ratios, percentages, variances, and percentage-variances.

Batch processing of reports lets you run CLS reports unattended. Request varying numbers of report copies for many different report selections and print up to 99 collated report sets for any or all ledgers in a path. You may also change the order in which your reports print.

Passive Payroll (not available in CLS ~ General Ledger™)
A fully integrated after-the-fact payroll gives you complete employee and vendor records. CLS provides an eight or 16-column payroll journal, an employee list sorted by employee number, last name, social security number or an optional sort key, a new employee listing, and an employee missing-information report.

You may print W-2s and 1099s/1098s on preprinted forms using a laser or dot-matrix printer. You may also laser-print the entire form (except Copy A of 1099/1098/1096) on plain paper.

W-3 and 1096 transmittal forms may be laser-printed on preprinted forms or plain paper. Blank forms and form instructions may also be laser-printed. Print masks are available for all forms to make sure the alignment is correct. In addition, CLS prints 941/943 forms and worksheets (including 941c), 940 and 940-EZ forms and worksheets, and state unemployment continuation sheets (OCR-scanable where required).

Entering and Posting Transactions
The extensive use of default values and reference numbers, and the ability to memorize transaction descriptions makes transaction entry fast and efficient. After transactions are entered, they are posted to the general ledger and payroll master files to update appropriate account and employee balances and complete the process of linking transactions to account and employee records.

Audit Trail
You may print a Transaction Register listing posted transactions for the current period, or for year-to-date if you selected the annual detail option. Transactions may be sorted by account number or by transaction type (source code), which lets you print a Cash Receipts or Cash Disbursements Journal along with other transaction registers. You may also display or print a list of unposted transactions.

You may print a General Ledger, matching accounts in the master file with appropriate transactions. The General Ledger lists beginning and ending account balances with supporting transaction detail for the period. A Trial Balance or Trial Balance Worksheet may be produced to facilitate the closing of an accounting period.

Since CLS processes each ledger separately, you may add new clients at any time regardless of accounting method, payroll situation, Chart of Accounts structure or reporting requirements. You can quickly copy any existing Chart of Accounts, report format and additional information, so setting up new clients is easy.

Financial Statements

  • Client Transmittal Letters, Cover Page, Table of Contents, Footnotes and Notepad
  • Balance Sheets and Profit and Loss Statements with subsidiary schedules
  • Multiple current-earnings accounts on the Balance Sheet
  • Flexible user-defined Profit and Loss Statement formats
  • Statement of Income and Retained Earnings
  • Standard and comparative Statement of Changes in Equity
  • Budget and prior-year comparisons
  • Fully departmentalized reports with division-level reporting
  • Standard and comparative Cash Flow Statement (FASB 95)
  • Standard and comparative Statement of Changes in Financial Position
  • Ledger consolidation can merge up to 25 companies
  • Work-in-Progress sub-ledger for job cost accounting
  • Ratio Analysis

Payroll Features (not available in CLS ~ General Ledger™)

  • An integrated passive payroll system including:
    • Eight or 16-column Payroll Journal
    • Laser-printed W-2s, W-3s, 1099s/1098s and 1096s
    • Dot-matrix W-2s and 1099s/1098s
    • Federal 941 worksheets with tax liabilities
    • Laser-printed federal 941, 941B and 943 forms
    • Federal 940 unemployment tax worksheets
    • Laser-printed federal 940 and 940-EZ unemployment tax forms
    • Federal unemployment wage listings
    • State unemployment contribution worksheets
    • State unemployment continuation sheets (OCR-scannable where required)
    • State unemployment audit report

Supporting Reports

  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Formal Journal Entries
  • General Ledger with optional annual detail
  • Leadsheets
  • Transaction Register sorted by source and reference or by account number
  • Trial Balance (four formats)
  • Standard and comparative Trial Balance Worksheet

Transaction Processing

  • Full screen transaction editing
  • Automatic creation of accounts during transaction entry
  • Automatic creation of employee or vendor records during transaction entry (not available in CLS ~ General Ledger)
  • Edit existing accounts and employee or vendor records during transaction entry
  • Memorize and autofill descriptions, accounts and amounts during transaction entry
  • Auto-repeating/auto-reversing entry types
  • Both formal and pro forma journal entries are available
  • Calculated journal entries are also available

Additional Features

  • On-screen display of all reports
  • Write reports to ASCII files
  • Flexible ledger setup, including the ability to copy any existing Chart of Accounts, supplemental report formats, income tax summary, financial ratios and more
  • Automatic calculation of estimated income tax expenses and cost of goods sold
  • Track billable write-up time and the value of that time
  • Pop-up help screens
  • Pop-up calculator with scrolling tape
  • Portrait and landscape report formats
  • Batch processing of reports, with collated report sets
  • Client Lists and Mailing, Diskette and File Folder Labels
  • Depreciation schedules, including MACRS, ACRS, straight line, declining balance, and sum-of-the-years-digits depreciation methods
  • Loan amortization schedules
  • Password access for security
  • Quick and efficient ledger backup and restore
  • Format disks from within CLS
  • Shell to the Command Prompt/DOS from within CLS
  • Interface with QuickBooks, Quicken, and ASCII files
  • Interface with Peachtree Software, One-Write Plus, BASS Payroll, Insta-Pay Multi-Company payroll and QuickPay (not available in CLS ~ General Ledger™)
  • Import from CLS, CLS ~ The Limited Edition™, CLS ~ General Ledger™, CLS ~ CheckWriter™ and CLS ~ Remote Entry™
  • Export CLS current period and year-to-date transactions to an ASCII file
  • Export a trial balance to an ASCII file
  • Export CLS accounts and balances to Lotus-compatible spreadsheet programs

Optional Companion Products

  • Available for all Client Ledger System Software
    • CLS ~ CheckWriter™
      A stand-alone product that allows you (or your clients) to print checks, then import them into CLS. A MICR option is also available.
    • CLS ~ Remote Entry™
      A stand-alone CLS product that allows transaction entry at a remote site.
    • CLS ~ Tax Package Interface™
      Provides an interface with income tax and trial balance programs: GoSystem/ Fast-Tax, Lacerte, ProSystem fx, TurboTax ProSeries, UltraTax, Automated Client Engagement (ACE), Accountants’ Trial Balance (ATB), Perfect Balance and Work Papers Plus. You may also export a trial balance to an ASCII file.
  • Available only for CLS and CLS ~ Limited Edition
    • CLS ~ W-2/1099 Magnetic Media™
      Adds W-2 and 1099/1098 magnetic media/electronic reporting capabilities to CLS.
    • CLS ~ XML Filing of 940, 941and 944 Forms™
      Allows you to submit 941s electronically.
    • CLS ~ Unemployment Plus™
      Preparation of Alabama UC-CR4, Arizona UC-018, Arkansas DWS-ARK209B, California DE-9, Connecticut UC-2/5A, Florida UCT-6/6W, Georgia DOL-4, Illinois UI 3/40, Kansas K-CNS-100, Kentucky UI-3, Louisiana ES4-B/C, Maryland DLLR/OU-15, Michigan UIA-1020, Minnesota DEED-1, Mississippi UI-2/3, Nebraska UI-11T, New York NYS-45-MN, North Carolina UI-101, Ohio JFS-66111, South Carolina UCE-120/101, Tennessee LB-0456/0851, Texas C-3, Utah 33H, Virginia VEC-FC-20, and Wisconsin UCT-101.
    • CLS ~ SUTA Magnetic Media™
      Provides SUTA magnetic/electronic reporting for Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

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