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CLS-DOS Frequently Asked Questions

A. Common Basic Errors

1. Basic error 5
2. Basic errors 25, 27 (when trying to print)
3. Basic error 62 (when starting CLS)
4. Basic error 68 (when trying to print)
5. Basic errors 70, 75

B. Common Btrieve Errors

1. Btrieve error - Disk I/O error
2. Btrieve error – Btrieve not loaded
3. Btrieve error - File locked
4. Btrieve error 30
5. Btrieve error 42
6. Btrieve error 88

C. Common CLS Error Messages

1. Backup ledger data files exist (Ledger Startup)
2. Cannot open transaction file (Ledger Startup)
3. Ledger is currently in use (Ledger Startup - Network version only)
4. The CLS network limit of 15 users has been reached (Ledger Startup - Network version only)
5. FICA and FUTA rates for 20xx must be set in PF 4, 2 (EP)
6. Invalid CLS drive specification
7. Program not defined in Password Maintenance
8. Reference numbers overlap (Bank Reconciliation)
9. You are attempting to load a bound OS/2 application (when starting CLS)

D. General

1. Importing CLS reports into Microsoft Word
2. Importing transactions from Peachtree Software
3. Importing transactions from QuickBooks
4. Net profit doesn’t print on the balance sheet
5. Transferring transactions from one ledger or generation to another

E. Networking CLS

1. Installing the Network version of CLS
2. Networking data with the Single-User version of CLS
3. Preventing database corruption with Novell Netware
4. Which version of Btrieve should I use with Novell Netware?
5. Using network printers with CLS

F. Printers and Printing Issues

1. Using a Novell Netware network printer with CLS
2. Using a Windows network printer with CLS from a Windows 98 Workstation
3. Using a Windows network printer with CLS from a Windows 2000/NT/XP Workstation
4. CLS shuts down with an “Illegal Operation” error message when trying to print (Windows 95/98/Me)
5. Financial statement footnotes are printing at the top of the next page
6. Reports are printing codes in the top left-hand corner of the first page
7. Financial Statement titles are not printing
8. I can’t print at all from CLS
9. Which printers work with CLS?
G. Payroll
1. An employee’s payroll check doesn’t appear on the payroll journal
2. I can’t print 1099 forms
3. I can’t print a corrected 1099 form
4. Payroll tax forms are printing j’s and g’s
5. Which W-2 forms do I need to order?
6. Which 1099 forms do I need to order?
H. Other CLS Issues
1. Which operating systems can be used with CLS?
2. When running full-screen, the CLS screen size is too small (Windows 2000/NT/XP)
3. I’m using Windows 2000/NT/XP, and I can’t get CLS to run in the full-screen mode
4. I’m using Windows 2000/NT/XP, and CLS “locks up” when I try to run it in full-screen mode. CLS works fine if I run it in a Window
5. If you double-click on the CLS icon, it takes you back to the desktop
6. CLS is running too slow
7. Where can I find the CLS documentation?

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