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CLS Frequently Asked Questions

A. Common Basic Errors

1. Basic error 5
Often this is an indication that a ledger data file is corrupt. Depending upon the extent of the file damage, you may be able to repair it by running VF 3.

Occasionally, a damaged CLS program can also cause this error. Reinstalling CLS from the CD-ROM, then installing any necessary updates, should fix the problem.

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2. Basic errors 25, 27 (when trying to print)
Basic errors 25 and 27 are sometimes seen when running CLS under Windows 95 or 98, but they most often occur in the MS-DOS environment. They indicate that the printer is not responding to computer requests.

First, make sure that your printer is properly connected to the computer and is turned on. Then, make sure it is not out of paper.

If the error persists, it could indicate a problem with communication between the computer and the printer. This type of problem can often be fixed by adding a mode command to the CL.BAT file used to start CLS:

echo off
cls echo Loading CLS...
mode LPT1: retry=P
btrieve …

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3. Basic error 62 (when starting CLS)
This indicates that the CLS "system" file (clsys.dat) has been damaged.

From the Windows Desktop, start Windows Explorer (right-click the Start button and choose Explore).

Find the drive and folder where the CLS program is installed. Find the file labeled either clsys or clsys.dat, and left-click to highlight it. Now right-click, select Rename, and change the file name to Then press Enter. Close Windows Explorer.

Restart CLS; it should now start properly. You may need to reset your operator preferences using SI 1(1) or change the CLS data paths in SI 1(4).

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4. Basic error 68 (when trying to print)
A Basic error 68 generally indicates that a network printer is (or has become) unavailable to CLS.

If the network printer previously worked with CLS and you are running Windows 98, you may need to set up the printer again. If you are running a Windows 2000/NT/XP workstation, the parallel port may need to be recaptured using the net use command.

See Section F, Printers and Printing Issues (below), for specific instructions.

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5. Basic errors 70, 75.
Basic errors 70 or 75 indicate that one or more ledger data files are locked or are marked read-only, or that the access rights (permissions) granted to this user are incorrect.
  • If you see this error when setting up a new server or workstation, be sure that the user has been assigned all rights to the CLS program directory, to any sub-directories, and to the CLS data path.
  • If your CLS data is on a server, rebooting the server will release all file locks. Note: the CLS Lock Release (LR) program does not release file locks; it only releases an internal lock that CLS has placed on particular ledgers.
  • If you see this error when working with data on a floppy disk, the disk has probably been write-protected.

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