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New Features included in CLS II

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CLS II 2.31 includes the following new features:

   Non-Payroll Features:

  • The ability to simultaneously run multiple sessions of CLS is included in the single-user and network versions of CLS II.
  • Depreciation and Amortization Schedules (DA), Transaction Registers (TR) and General Ledgers (TB 1 and TB 2) can be transferred directly to Microsoft Excel.
  • New transmittal letter key words have been added, similar to @xperiods, which will use substitute verbiage such as "year", "calendar year" or "fiscal year" at year-end.
  • You may use MF 4, Query Account Information to review the account setup, history and budget for a selected account.
  • The Verify File Integrity program (VF) is now active.
  • Both the CLS PDF Printer and the text editor used for cover pages and transmittal letters have been updated.

   Payroll Features:

  • When running a "year-to-date" Payroll Journal (PJ) or Query Employee (QE) report, you may now enter a date range that begins in the prior calendar year.
  • Printed forms 945 and 945-X have been added.  XM also allows electronically filing 945 returns, and fillable 945 and 945-X forms have been added to TW 5.
  • A Local Withholding Report (TW 8,3) has been added.

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