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Client Ledger System
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CLS ~ Remote Entry™ sets the standard for off-site data entry. An excellent solution for clients who wish to enter their own transactions, Remote Entry maintains the cleanly structured menus and easy to follow prompts which have contributed to the success of the Client Ledger System™. Since Remote Entry is similar to the Client Ledger System™, supporting your clients who use Remote Entry is easy.

CLS ~ Remote Entry™ provides data entry personnel with a simple, yet steadfast, program to expertly complete basic accounting tasks. Remote entry includes only the reports needed to verify that the ledger is correct. As the accountant, you still maintain control over the financial statements and payroll reporting with your own Client Ledger System™ software. You may easily import the new transactions, employees, departments and accounts into CLS, CLS ~ Limited Edition™, or CLS ~ General Ledger™. If managing transaction entry is a priority task, CLS ~ Remote Entry™ is a first-rate solution.

System Requirements

FMSI software operates on Intel Pentium (I, II, III or IV), AMD Athlon and Intel 486 computers. HP LaserJet printers, HP-compatible laser printers and most dot-matrix printers are supported. Our software is DOS-based, but compatible with Novell Netware, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 95/98/Me.

CLS ~ Remote Entry™ requires about 40 megabytes of hard disk space and a minimum of 520K of available RAM.

CLS ~ Remote Entry™ 5.6 $99
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