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FMSI User Testimonials

Barbara Barnes of Richard J. Holmes, CPA in Houston, Texas
"CLS is the only write-up program our CPA firm has used since 1985. We have found it to be very versatile, fitting it to handle the accounting for many different kinds of entities for our clients."
Bernon Diggers in Waycross, Georgia
"I have been using CLS for 11 years - it serves my every need and it is only limited to the user's imagination."
Steve Farris in Douglasville, Georgia
"I'm on the network version of CLS, and my experience of calling in is rapid response and excellent support."
Austin C. Perry, CPA of Perry & McCain in Paris, Texas
"The reports are very easy to use and read, and we get a great looking finished product. When a firm has numerous monthly clients, CLS leaves an excellent audit trail, which has proven to be most helpful internally and with clients."
Mike Murray of Mike Murray, Inc. in Brunswick, Georgia
"CLS seemed far more efficient as I reviewed other write-up packages. I am very satisfied with CLS - I have not been limited in any way. In fact, CLS has more capabilities than I take advantage of."
Robert J. McAndrews, CPA, PC in Grand Rapids, Michigan
"The fact that we've used CLS since 1988 says a lot! CLS handles after-the-fact payroll very well."
Earl G. Herrick in Encinitas, California
"CLS is a great software package - it gives me excellent material for presentation. A lot of software is written by people who do not understand accounting, but CLS uses logic and terminology as it applies to accounting. CLS is very easy to use, but since I've been using it so long, I guess I'm biased."
Vicki Murphy of Murphy Bookkeeping Service in San Diego, California
"We just cannot say enough nice things about this program! It is the foundation of our successful write-up practice."

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