Transferring transactions from one ledger or generation to another

Transactions can easily be moved from one ledger or generation to another using the Accounting Transfer (AT) program:

  1. Export the transactions from the incorrect ledger/generation:
    1. Use LS to select the ledger or generation where the transactions were entered incorrectly.
    2. Use AT 4 (4), Export CLS Info, Current or YTD Transactions, to create an export file.
    3. Make a note of the transaction export path and the export file name; you will need this information when importing the transactions (below).
    4. Change Select Transactions to Y.
    5. Change Selection Method to 1 to Block Transactions to be Exported.
    6. After enter A to Accept, you will have an option to select transactions to be exported..
  2. Import transactions into the correct ledger/generation:
    1. Use LS to select the ledger generation where the transactions are to be imported.
    2. Use AT 3 (3,1) Import CLS Info, Comma-delimited Transaction File, Standard CLS Field Sequence, to import the file created above. Enter the path and file name from step a2.
    3. If transaction dates are outside current month’s date range, answer N on Verify All Transaction Dates. You can change dates in ET after importing.
    4. The transactions will be edited during the import process. Print an edit listing (Exceptions Only is OK). If any transactions fail, don’t import the valid ones. Instead, correct the problems (add accounts, employees or vendors as needed) and then re-import.
    5. After importing the transactions, you can view or edit them using ET; you may need to correct the transaction month or year.
    6. Use PT to post the new transactions.
  3. Now, delete the incorrectly entered transactions:
    1. Use LS to return to the ledger/generation where the transactions were entered in error.  Use PT to unpost the transactions, then ET to edit them.  Use F3 to block the transactions that have been transferred, and press D to delete them.
    2. Use PT to re-post the edited transactions.
    3. If the transactions were entered in the wrong generation (not the wrong client), re-close (EP) this generation, answering Y to Keep Existing Transactions, to bring the correct balances forward.